Delivering Brilliance

We Create Engaging Experiences

We aren’t just a group of talented and experienced designers and engineers. We’re a family. We live and breathe the work we produce.

RR Shree, always aiming for brilliance is one of the innovative and leading creative solutions for today’s Nepal. Whether it be Print Media, Broadcast Media or Online Media we provide solutions to all.

Along with a diverse team of artistic minds and technical talents who can cater with high quality digital animation and flawless visual effects we have always pioneered in producing the best results for various clientele such as UNICEF, Nursing Association of Nepal, National Disaster Risk Reduction Center and many more.

We work hand in hand to create ideas that go beyond this world. We combine our passion and excitement with our client’s needs into a collaborative and creative approach that meets every project’s budget and time constraints.Through our collective efforts, we envision to entertain and fascinate the world with a unique range of unforgettable stories and exciting characters, giving life to dreams and wings to the imagination.

Since our inception in 2015 A.D. We have been striving to utilize our national resources and produce the best content for various media. Along with that, our mission is also to develop internationally competitive manpower in computer technology such as animation, visual effects etc. for the overall growth of media application in Nepal.

RR Shree School of Technology is a full service integrated Graphic Design, Animation, Visual Effect, Post-Production Studio and multimedia company offering a variety of service such as: Graphic Design, 3D Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Modeling, Character Design, Game Design, Visual Effects, 3D Rendering, Television Commercials, PSA, Full Length Films, Architectural Floor Plans, Green Screen Chroma Key video production, Advertising and much more!


Shreejana KC

Message from CEO

With the concept of Delivering Brilliance through Multimedia and IT, RR Shree was inceptionalized in 2015. Through the years, we have faced many turmoils and hardships but today, RR Shree stands as an esteemed organization among the Multimedia organizations of Nepal. We’ve always thought that what we do isn’t simply creating multimedia but also creating reach and value for our customers. We are a full-fledged multimedia, advertising, publishing and communication agency in Nepal. It is a one stop solution for all communication needs. We are well equipped with our own production unit, creative team and editing facilities.

RR Shree isn’t simply focused on creating content but also creating content creators as our dynamic array of services. We have specifically designed courses that help not only enhance the personal skills of organizational employee’s but also build a host of soft skills such as creative thinking, teamwork and synchronization, motivated thoughts, patient persona, etc. The end goal isn’t to create a monopoly in the market but to create a wave of Multimedia and Multimedia experts that can enrich and further grow as a part of the Multimedia industry of Nepal which has yet to reach the heights that international productions have achieved.